“Reservoir Dog” – RWB Portland #3
“Reservoir Dog” – RWB Portland #3

“Reservoir Dog” – RWB Portland #3

We received an invitation from our friends at 503 Motoring to come down to Portland for the weekend. They were hosting their second RWB build for their good friend and client Joe DeCarlo who was having his 993 Porsche 911 converted by the now world-renowned Akira Nakai of Rauh Welt Begriff into another one of his wide body masterpieces.

As unofficial groupies of the brand and being invited to hang with members of the Pacific Northwest RWB family we find ourselves making treks when possible to the builds in our area. This build definitely felt more like a family reunion than the public automotive gathering it was intended to be.

The camaraderie and over-all positive vibe around the event made this one of the builds we’ve truly enjoyed. Tim (RWB Portland #2) and Newton’s (RWB Sacramento #1) builds are definitely highlights of our RWB fandom.

Nakai-san’s improvements to his wide body parts and his continuing experience has shortened the amount of time he needs to make the conversion – two days! Good for him, not so good for those of us who wish these weekends wouldn’t end.

Vossen rollers remind us of our TRD Pro wheels on steroids!

That fresh Maritime Blue paint and the new Vossen rollers on Joe’s now wide body 993 make for a great new look. The subtle duck tail spoiler is a nice touch. Portland’s newest addition to their RWB line-up is a head turner. Speaking of Portland’s RWB line-up we had the rare opportunity to see and photograph the State’s unofficial first – one that was started many years ago by Nakai-san right around the time of the US debut at SEMA of “Pandora One”. Still un-named it didn’t even dawn the Rauh Welt Begriff windshield banner.

Color & wheel combo are on point, just the way we’d do!

A burn-out with Nakai-san behind the wheel of “Reservoir Dog” inside the 503 Motoring showroom marked the completion of the build. Joe lined up with other members of RWB Portland, RWB Seattle, and RWB Vancouver outside for a few more photo opportunities before the crew rolled out for a cruise. While we were sad the time came to head home we are blessed to have been able to meet Joe and his family and welcome him into the PNW RWB family.

To see more from this event visit our album on Flickr!

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