A group of us flew down to Sacramento last Spring to visit our good friend Newton when it was his turn to have his Guards Red 993 Porsche 911 receive the wide body treatment by the now World renowned Akira Nakai of Rauh Welt Begriff. We first met Newton in Seattle at Christian’s second RWB build and got to hang out with him again in Canada for RWB Vancouver #10.  He came up for Bong’s RWB Seattle #3 build and was there for Brian and Marc when RWB Seattle #4 was built, and we reunited with him yet again for a dual build we have yet to share about here.  So expect that soon-ish, too.  Newton sets out to meet Nakai-san whenever his schedule permits and graciously offers a helping hand where needed. It was no surprise the entire RWB family was excited when it was Newton’s turn.


It was April 1st but no joke it was probably one of the better trips we remember ever taking with a group of friends.  The vibe all weekend was just sensational.  Maybe the Napa Valley area wine had a little to do with lifting everyone’s spirits but between the weather, excitement over Newton’s build, and breakfast at Bouchon Bakery it was certainly a memorable weekend and one we will never forget.





It is always a pleasure watching Nakai-san go through the familiar motions of re-shaping these 911s as they take on the Rauh Welt Begriff form. Our flight home did not allow us to stick around for the end result but we have since seen it completed and Meguri-Ai 2 is beautiful! Congrats again, Newton and thank you and Jackie so much for your hospitality during our visit. You deserved every bit of this!


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