“Aziz, LIGHT!”

Hours were spent researching different combinations of lighting upgrades online for our 4Runner. The shopping list was prepared. Before committing to an online purchase we took a short trip to visit HIDKitPros. We asked about their 4Runner lighting upgrades and were able to see products we researched online on display in their new Bellevue showroom.…Read more “Aziz, LIGHT!”

CC-leepless in Seattle

We took a drive into the city one sleepless Saturday night to try out some long exposure photography.  After wandering around a bit we ended up on the W. Thomas St. Overpass above Elliot Ave. looking South towards the city. A train passes by just in time. We were also inspired to get updated shots…Read more CC-leepless in Seattle

PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 Targa 4S: Assembly in Stop Motion

We turn a 30-minute "build" into a 3-hour project so we can show you the results in 30-seconds. A birthday gift, this PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 Targa showed up on our door step and when we decided to put it together we added a few steps to the process.  The end result is the video you…Read more PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 Targa 4S: Assembly in Stop Motion