VW Caddy Project Pt.4
VW Caddy Project Pt.4

VW Caddy Project Pt.4

In Pt.3 of our Caddy project we finally had all major engine and transmission components bolted in and the Caddy was back on all 4s! Brendon was able to spare another two days in his schedule last week and came through to tidy up the engine bay, starting with some of the engine wiring and wrapping up the cooling and fuel systems.


The new fuel pump and filter needed a home since the stock bracket wasn’t there so Brendon quickly fabbed one up with some sheet metal and hardware we picked up from Home Depot and made something that will get us going.


The “plug and play” engine wiring harness from Nothing Leaves Stock found its place in that engine bay in no time, leaving the rest of the factory wiring to reorganize. Like us, Brendon likes a clean engine bay and spent time tucking and rerouting wires wherever possible. We appreciate his attention to detail. The new radiator and fan also found their way in and with that battery in place the engine bay was starting to look “complete”.


Then the rest of the Techtonics Tuning exhaust was bolted up. (We forgot to order a catalytic converter and decided welding on an extension to the down-pipe would be the cheapest and quickest solution.)



Before Brendon’s next couple of visits where we expect we might get to try and fire up that engine, we need to clean out the fuel tank, install an air filter, and source a few other odds and ends. We’re getting closer and closer to being finished with the first stage of this build and can’t wait to hear it fire up for the first time!!

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