CC How We’re Rollin’ Now
CC How We’re Rollin’ Now

CC How We’re Rollin’ Now

These (car) projects of ours are in a constant state of evolution. What we once felt was a good look for our Volkswagen CC was starting to go stale so it was decided to change things up again. We’ve been running the Euromesh 3 Hartmann Wheels for almost two years and this “season” we felt it was time for a new look. After a few different wheels were test-fitted for gallery images at Achtuning a set of the hyper-silver/machined BC-10s were picked out from their Bavaria Wheel inventory.


Falken’s all-season PT722s were readily available and sourced so we could have the new wheels and tires ready for a show this last weekend. (More on that in a later blog entry.)


To run the new 20″ rollers with the preselected 235/30-20 tire size it was necessary to raise the CC’s H&R “ultra-low” coilover suspension, a painful task in more ways than we’d like to admit. Fortunately we were able to maintain a bit of tire tuck. And on the bright side, raising the car resulted in better suspension geometry which improves the ride quality and helps keep things comfortable despite the loss in tire sidewall.



Like a new pair of shoes, the new set of wheels make the car feel brand new again. And not too bad a look, no?

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