Hot Import Daze 2015
Hot Import Daze 2015

Hot Import Daze 2015

The Hot Import Nights 2015 Tour landed in Seattle this last weekend and we rolled out with Team Menace to put our VW CC on display with them at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.


Unlike previous HIN events we’ve attended in the past, “Hot Import Daze” was a mid-afternoon event which was a nice change in pace. And with the venue somewhat “in our back yard” only 20-minutes away it was a welcomed change. The team was positioned across the fence from the autocross course, another new feature for the Seattle HIN event that kept us entertained throughout the day with a wide range of vehicles participating.






The car show was spread across the North side of the track with a healthy selection of quality Pacific Northwest “builds” on display. The walk-through provided plenty of eye candy and inspiration for all 3 of our own projects. But with so many familiar faces we ran into along the way the focus changed from trying to capture everything in front of the lens to trying to keep up with all of the conversations going on around us. It was a good day of hanging out with like-minded individuals sharing a similar passion while expressing them with such diversity. Sorry in advance for the lack of show car pics!




This thing really caught our attention!





Team Menace took home a good amount of hardware at the end of the day, winning a total of 9 trophies including “Best Crew Overall”, “Hottest Lexus”, “Hottest Acura”, “2nd Hottest Overall”, “Hottest Interior” (Rich’s widebody NSX claimed those 3), “2nd Hottest Honda”, “Hottest Motorcycle”, “Hottest Scion” and ” 5th Hottest Overall” (Joe’s Rocket Bunny FRS bringing home the last two)!




… And a “Congratulations!” to Kristina Chai, Miss HIN Seattle 2015 seen here possibly celebrating her “win” in the background as we capture who we thought should have taken home Best of Show! :D



We’ve got a lot to do to “step up our game” and we thank all of the HIN Seattle participants for contributing to our “drive” and giving us the inspiration to better our projects by bringing out their own. “Congrats!” to all of the show winners and to those who simply came out just to show and have a good time! See you at the next show just a couple of weeks away and expect a post about that event right here on Spina²!

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