VW Caddy Project Pt.3
VW Caddy Project Pt.3

VW Caddy Project Pt.3

In Pt.2 of our VW Caddy project we were left with an unknown transmission issue that ultimately set us back a bit, both with respect to our time table and budget. We could have taken our chances and sourced another used transmission but we could easily be right back where we started again. As long as we were completely refreshing the engine and suspension we reluctantly convinced ourselves to pay for peace of mind and take the opportunity to have the 020 professionally rebuilt with new syncros, bearings, seals, and reinforced with a bolt kit.


We asked Chris at Fine Tuning Performance in Seattle for that assistance as we knew this was one of his many areas of expertise. He is a wealth of information and has supplied us with answers as well as random, hard to find parts throughout the build. We are grateful to him for taking such great care of us!


Using up a free day in his schedule, Brendon came by to bolt in the transmission. Finally, the shift linkage and weighted shift rod from Techtonics Tuning was ready to be installed. The polished finish of that shift linkage against the patina will be the motivation to really clean up that engine bay!



New brake lines were fitted to new calipers.


With the Caddy back on all 4s we are on track to get this “coupe utility” running. There is still an enormous amount of work ahead and at times it gets overwhelming but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel.


But for now focus returns to the CC in preparation of the first show this season with Team Menace at Hot Import Daze. You can expect a recap of the event right here so check back!

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