WaterWerks On The Green

We didn’t have to work last year’s WaterWerksNW event which allowed us to attend the show as participants for the first time, taking in the sights and snapping pictures on our own schedule and having the chance to hang out with friends. This year, no such luck. In fact, weekend forecasts had called for rain and knowing this year’s 2012 WaterWerks On The Green event was to be held at the Mountain Meadows Farm, we knew we were in for a very wet (and muddy!) weekend. Sure enough, the day started out with our freshly detailed cars from the day before getting soaked en route to the show and a trail of mud that lead us from the venue entrance to the spot we would set-up… FAN-TASTIC! :/ We figured we were gonna be in for a cold, wet, and dreary day so we prepared for the worst and hoped the day would at least pass by quickly. But then, just as we got done setting up and wiping off the cars, the surrounding fog and low hanging clouds started to dissipate as the sun began to rise, exposing Mt. Si behind us – our indescribably EPIC back-drop for the day’s event!

Within an hour it felt as though the ground had completely dried up and most of the clouds had disappeared. It was turning into a rather awesome Pacific Northwest day after all! While the job kept us from venturing out much to check out the cars on display and mingle, we were able to see many of our good friends as they stopped by to show their support. (And we thank you guys for it!!) All in all, it was a good day and we were ultimately happy we went. So no pictures of the different cars on display to share unfortunately, with the exception of our very own “fleet” on display in the Achtuning booth and a few other “randoms”. Check ’em out!!

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