Our Drive To Leavenworth

The 2012 Leavenworth Drive brought out the usual 1000+ numbers of cars benefiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital, an annual event hosted by Northwest European. We make it a point to at least head to the original meeting spot so we can include our donation then check out the many cars spread throughout the Bellevue Community College parking lot but we don’t always make the drive to Leavenworth. We caught up with the usual suspects but didn’t allow ourselves much time to snap a lot of pictures of the assembly, though we got a few shots in…

The rest of the day was about much needed quality time for the two of us. Not wanting to miss out on the entire cruise, we chose to head up to Leavenworth but bypassed the usual stop at Stevens Pass (assuming the State Trooper that had just arrived was about to break up the assembly) and went straight for town to grab a bite to eat. Then it was back in the car to start exploring parts of Washington we rarely get to see, stopping at scenic spots along the Nason Creek/Wenatchee River that runs downstream from the Cascades and passing through Leavenworth along our route home. We think we captured our next round of cinemagraphs and will hopefully get to share those soon but for now we have these, forever reminding us of the beautiful, natural landscape not far from our urban life.

… Then we were homeward bound!

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