Great Canadian 2012
Great Canadian 2012

Great Canadian 2012

9975 21 years and running strong, the Great Canadian VW Car Show in Langley, British Columbia is where we ended a week long break. It had been 6-years since we crossed into Canadian territory for this show and after satisfying our craving for the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at Shabusen in downtown Vancouver the night before, GC2012 was the only thing left on our “to-do” list.  From air-cooled to water-cooled, you’ll find quite the assortment of old and new Volkswagens with a few other extras thrown into the mix. A laid-back atmosphere,a good MC playing some chill tunes, friendly company, and gorgeous weather kept us at the show for a couple of hours before heading back home to prepare for the next week of work.

We’ve spotted the Coca-Cola themed VW Beetle pictured above at many shows and it’s always a pleasure to see such a nicely done show car making the rounds.  A (new) Scirocco sitting in the HPA booth immediately caught our attention since VW never brought it to North America, giving us our first glimpse at the coupe that VW claims would threaten GTI sales in the US had they brought it over.  A 1.8T-swapped Porsche 356 speedster built by Intermeccanica was also on display, the second one we’ve seen.  (We would absolutely own one if we could!)  Justin brought out his super-charged VW (Mk2) Jetta coupe on air after a new (and to-date our favorite) “modification” was performed, a rag top sunroof!  We rolled up with our BPC Dubs friends who also took home some trophies but a big “Congrats!” goes to Eric Shaeffer with his recently completed VW Golf Cabrio who took home Best of Show.

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There are plenty more pictures to check out from the show… Just click here to see ’em!

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