Test N’ Tune
Test N’ Tune

Test N’ Tune

With news of the ACHTUN!NG Volkswagen Golf R participating at a Test N’ Tune event at Pacific Raceways, we wanted to be sure to check out the action for ourselves! We would certainly be the first group of people to see a Golf R perform on track, at least here on the West Coast. It was an extra special treat to have Dan of University Volkswagen roll through in his Rising Blue Golf R to have two of them, side-by-side.

Since our last installment, Achtuning added an APR ECU upgrade which upped horse-power figures from a stock 273 to a whopping 306, in addition to pulling torque numbers up to 293 from 265. Then an APR fuel pump rounded the numbers up to an even 310hp/315tq! Combine that extra power with the stability offered by H&R’s coil-overs and stopping power from StopTech’s Sport brake upgrade and you’ve got yourself one hell of a daily drive-able track monster! Practicing our shots with some of the other cars on the track, the speed of the Golf R took us completely by surprise when we attempted our first few panning shots! The Golf R seemed to fly around the track effortlessly.

Both cameras were out as the two of us endeared some chilly temperatures to capture what we could of the action. Few cars participating meant longer sessions so we were able to get a good amount of practice. Admittedly, we need more of it. All-in-all, we’re satisfied with our results.

Putting our bias towards the Volkswagen models aside, one of our favorites was this BMW e92 M3 convertible equipped with what sounded like an exhaust system made in Heaven!

This NSX on the other hand… TOO loud!

Joel is another local photographer and VW enthusiast who we’ve known for just about as long as we’ve been involved in the local community. He drives this Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen you see below, a TDI no less! But don’t let the wagon and diesel motor fool you. With a few years of track experience behind his belt, KONI coil-overs, VW GTI-sized StopTech brake discs and pads, and “semi-slick” tires he was really holding his own out there. You’ll likely see Joel at several local track events this year so keep an eye out for him.

As long as you’ve been signed off to drive solo on a road course and have the experience to back it up, you’re welcome to attend any of these Test N’ Tune events for a fair fee of $125. They even had an instructor on hand for those looking for some pointers. It’s a fantastic way to get to know your car and “play” in a controlled environment. It’s also free to spectate so if you’ve got nothing going on, it’s a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Maybe we’ll see you out at the next one!

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