Griot’s Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner

Griot’s Garage is a local Car Care Product Specialist based in Tacoma, WA and they’ve been an industry leader in supplying automotive enthusiasts like us with a wide selection of detailing products and garage accessories. Almost a year ago we were sent a complimentary bottle of one of their newest products, a pH balanced, non-acidic Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner to test and review. It was a pleasure to be given such an opportunity and we feel horrible it’s taken us this long to finally test and review it. The cars in the Spina² stable tend to stay pretty clean year-round and it wasn’t until today that we were finally given a reason to test their new wheel cleaner, on someone else’s wheels no less!

The backs of these Audi “Fat Five” wheels haven’t been cleaned in about a year and were the perfect candidate to test out the Heavy-Duty Wheel cleaner. The instructions are simple, “apply the wheel cleaner on all surfaces and let sit for 3-5 minutes.” We were also to expect a change in color. A liberal amount of cleaner was applied and we sat and watched for a couple of minutes…

Sure enough, the color change begins and we can start to see some of the dirt loosen up.

Once the cleaner had a chance to break up the majority of the dirt and grime caked onto the wheels, a wheel brush was used to loosen up anything left over. A single brush stroke quickly revealed a clean wheel surface buried beneath the dissolving nastiness. Then a soft sponge was used to wipe away anything remaining. Finally, rinse clean with a hose and voila, all done. Pretty impressive results!!

One could imagine how much longer it would have taken to clean these wheels the old-fashioned way. Griot’s Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner took most of the dirty work (pun intended) out of the equation and eliminated the need to throw in some extra elbow grease, just the way it should be. Good stuff, Griot’s!

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