Hours were spent researching different combinations of lighting upgrades online for our 4Runner. The shopping list was prepared. Before committing to an online purchase we took a short trip to visit HIDKitPros. We asked about their 4Runner lighting upgrades and were able to see products we researched online on display in their new Bellevue showroom. The staff were very helpful in answering our questions. We went home better prepared to eventually order the lights we wanted. When we were ready, we went back to HIDKitPros and picked up parts in stock rather than wait for an online order. The slightly higher price was worth the immediate satisfaction. After all, we are supporting local small business!

For the low beams, a HYLUX 5000k HID kit gives us the white color match we were looking for. Morimoto 2Stroke LEDs act as day-time running lights and are stupid bright when used as high beams. Morimoto XB LED fogs replace the factory fog housings and are truly plug and play. LumaWerx™ TruSwitch™ (switch-back) LEDs match the HIDs and fogs while emitting an amber light for turn signaling.

We also gave the interior the LED treatment.

And the reverse lights were upgraded with a brighter LED bulb.

This should hold us over for now but we have future plans that may involve additional lighting.  (⌐▨_▨)

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