WaterWerks On The Green 2014
WaterWerks On The Green 2014

WaterWerks On The Green 2014

After spending an entire day at a car show, getting wet no less, the last thing we wanted to do was attend another car show the very next day…


But we had to. Our VW Golf 1.8T would be parked in the Achtuning booth as part of their “Generations” display featuring examples of Volkswagen’s 4th, 5th, 6th, and the brand new 7th generation Golf – a great looking line-up of the iconic VW model if we must say so ourselves.



An example of Audi’s newest A3 sedan was also part of the line-up and Christian even brought Meguri-Ai to the event!


With Mt. Si and light cloud cover providing shade from the morning sun the day was already far more comfortable than the preceding one. We were expecting rain but it had held back that morning. Standing on the softer, grassy field of Mountain Meadows Farm made it that much more relaxing. (As long as you were able to avoid the few piles of farm animal poo.) We kept close to the booth and didn’t wander far as we were still wiped out from the day before but managed to gather some motivation to snap some pics of a few neighboring VWs.






A few more here.

It started to rain just before the show was coming to a close which everyone took as their queue to pack up and go home. We followed suit and started getting ready to leave ourselves but managed to hang around just long enough to get shots of our Golf, Natalie’s R32 motor-swapped and bagged Jetta, and Brandon’s bagged Passat on the empty field.




It may have been a rough schedule that weekend but we’re ultimately glad we were able to attend both car shows. Let’s just hope the next couple of events aren’t back-to-back!

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