Import Face Off 2014 With Team Menace
Import Face Off 2014 With Team Menace

Import Face Off 2014 With Team Menace

Our first introduction with Team Menace was Hot Import Nights, 2008. Our friend Mike had invited us to stop by and check out his team’s display area and meet the rest of his crew. A friendly bunch, they had an impressive line-up of award winning, magazine featured show cars and an over-the-top team display that rivaled the best of them.  Uniforms, props, spot lights, red carpet, a DJ, models… These guys were on another level and playing the game hard.  The members of the team went out of their way to make us feel right at home and left a lasting impression. Over the years we’ve followed them as they competed in local automotive events and they’ve even been the subject of previous entries here on Spina².  This year, we have the privilege of joining them as one of two new “prospects” and the CC made its debut with the team at Import Face Off 2014 a few weeks ago at Pacific Raceways.


The CC isn’t quite there yet, nowhere near the “show quality” level some of these guys take their cars to. And it doesn’t have to be.  The CC is still a daily driver and the goal will be to showcase its features and upgrades while maintaining a clean OEM+ theme.   We’ll take inspiration from others and work on making subtle changes to set the CC apart and help the team score some points. As for the Import Face Off event, there was plenty to take inspiration from.








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It was a good, first day showing with Team Menace. They are a tight-knit crew, a family of hard-core automotive enthusiasts who look out for one another and pushes each other to bring their all to the table. The results are quality builds that get national recognition and opportunities to connect with some of the big names in the automotive industry.  It’s an honor to have the CC in the Team Menace line-up and we are excited to see what new doors we will get to open on our journey with them.

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