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Pahrump pum pum pum


We’re going to Vegas for Sam and Mark’s wedding.
– VEGAS!! It’s been a while… Where is the wedding?
It’s a winery just outside of town.
– Cool. Wait, a winery?! In Nevada??
I guess so.
– But how does a…
I don’t know.
– Hm. Still… VEGAS!!

The Pahrump Valley Winery in Pahrump, Nevada is where our friends Sam and Mark chose to have their wedding. While the idea of a winery in Nevada came with a bit of skepticism, we were excited to be flying in to Vegas to check this place out. Turns out the venue was about an hour West of town so a decent drive took us away from the strip and out into the Mojave Desert, beyond some hills the locals call their Spring Mountain range. Out in the middle of nowhere is this little oasis of a town called Pahrump and sure enough, they had a vineyard and winery! While most of their wine producing grapes are brought in from California, in 2008 they debuted Nevada’s first commercial red wine from grapes grown on Pahrump soil!
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A wine tasting is a great way to get you and your guests in “good spirits” just before a wedding. After a delightful ceremony in the company of close friends and family the evening wrapped up with a delicious meal and reception in the adjacent Symphony’s Restaurant – a terrific evening!

Sam and Mark, we extend a heart-felt “Congratulations!!” and wish you all the best in your journey ahead together! We love you guys!!

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