Ewok Forest?

It would appear our long rain-free weather is coming to an end, and this scenic location was the perfect setting to enjoy the last of our sunny days before the clouds and rain roll in. A popular wakeboarding retreat, some say the property reminds them of the Ewok Forest. To us, it was a breathtaking view of our Cascade Mountain range and yet another reminder of how absolutely beautiful it is here in the Pacific Northwest! It’s also where we will eventually see our friends Rhett and Lindsay tie the knot and celebrate the union of their life together. They invited us to join them to check out the venue and see what we might be able to do with them in front of our lenses, an engagement photoshoot if you will, and a project “first” for us! We were gladly willing to accept the challenge and enjoyed a great afternoon hanging out with the two of them. Pictures are done and have been submitted for review. Considering our lack of experience we asked them to have a back-up plan just in case but the results will later be posted here and we sure hope they are pleased with them. Stay tuned!

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