We Check Out The MOG
We Check Out The MOG

We Check Out The MOG

During a week long “staycation”, we decided to check out Tacoma’s Museum of Glass (MOG) for the first time since it was built in 2002. The majority of the exhibit features contemporary glass art, most of which is made by artists right here in the Pacific Northwest! A mid-week visit in the middle of the day meant no crowds, plenty of parking, and the opportunity to take our time checking out each exhibit.

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The museum itself is an eye-catcher, featuring its cone-shaped “Hot Shop” that houses two furnaces surrounded by theater-style seating for watching live demonstrations of local artists creating their stunning works of art. Dale Chihuly’s work surrounds the property with the Water Forest on one side and the Bridge of Glass on the other, connecting the museum with downtown Tacoma. His work is further exhibited inside with an entire room dedicated to showcasing some amazing pieces of his glass art!


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Several other exhibits from other reputable glass blowers fill the rest of the museum and the challenge to capture all of these great pieces of art made for a real fun experience and gave us new and colorful objects to put in front our lenses. The lack of a crowd meant we were able to take our time taking these images and we’re quite pleased with the results. We’ve recently started having some of our images put in print and these will give us new material to frame up and put on our walls. If any of our pictures interest you for print, please don’t hesitate to let us know! (contact us at spinasquared@gmail.com)

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For even more images from our visit to Tacoma’s MOG, click here!

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