The view of downtown Bellevue was spectacular, and it was a gorgeous Pacific Northwest evening with the sun just setting beyond the Olympic Mountains, our Seattle horizon. It was an image we wanted to capture and remember for a long time, though our cameras were nowhere near us. We did have the iPhone4 though…

You see something that grabs your attention and you instinctively need to capture an image, but do you always have your favorite camera on hand to do it? We try but we can’t keep our cameras handy all the time. It doesn’t seem to be much of a problem since we are always with iPhone though, a great convenience.  Not to say the phone will be replacing our DSLRs, not by any means. But it’s admittedly easy to be lazy at times and simply rely on the use of the camera phone in your pocket and possibly a favorite photo app downloaded from the iTunes Store to capture an image. Then spruce things up by adding filters, color enhancing, cropping, sharpening, etc.

You know when you find yourself in those situations where you’re sitting around with nothing to do, boredom starts to set in and your smart phone becomes the source of your entertainment?  If you’re not playing a game then maybe you’re reading news articles or chatting with friends.  We take pictures of random things (the images above for example, taken while sitting in the car obviously) and at times have found that we can take a picture worth keeping, maybe even worth sharing. You can get pretty creative and end up with good results with these iPhones!  Image quality and size is limited but most of today’s methods of image sharing does not require more than what the modern day camera phone is capable of producing. We’re going to have some more fun with these iPhones and take more pictures.  If you’re interested to see what else we capture with them, click here and let us know what you think.

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