Starbucks Reclamation Drive Thru

As we’ve mentioned before, the weekend usually finds us in our Seattle Routine and we’re off in search of new things to explore while sipping on our favorite cup of Starbucks coffee. When we read about the new Starbucks Reclamation Drive-Thru project we wanted to check it out for ourselves! Located just south of the Museum of Flight on E. Marginal Way are these strategically placed and completely restored shipping containers, 4 of them to be exact, that have been stacked and arranged to provide a simple yet perfectly functioning Starbucks Drive-Thru with walk-up counter. Plenty of out-door seating means this might be a cool place to hang out on warm summer days while watching planes fly in and out of Boeing Field.

The idea of using shipping containers was inspired by the view outside the Seattle Starbucks corporate office of the many containers stacked at the Port of Seattle. It’s an attempt to reduce the rather large environmental footprint they leave behind by re-using containers that would otherwise be disposed of in our own land fills after their 20-year service life. Clearly a much cheaper alternative to the typical building materials used as well as a time saver to set-up (or even move if necessary), the Reclamation Drive Thru project is a fine example of responsible and environmentally friendly business.

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