Virtual Canyon Run
Virtual Canyon Run

Virtual Canyon Run

We met with Bong and Brian to get some rolling shots of their RWB Porsche 911s one crisp, January morning.  (Yes, January – like we said in our last post we have much to catch you up on, and in no particular order.) 


It was the first time we got to see “Cacao”, RWB Seattle #4 complete since the build.


We were there to tag along with a couple of other photographers who wanted to capture these two in action. We ultimately didn’t want to get in their way but managed to sneak in a quick roller or two for ourselves.



The title image is a composite photo – we combined our rolling shot of the two RWBs and used another for the background to help out the original. The before and after…

7198 7198 v2

It was an absolute pleasure to see these cars in action!

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