VW Caddy Project Pt.9
VW Caddy Project Pt.9

VW Caddy Project Pt.9

We are getting closer to checking off a few things on the to-do list since our last “Pt.8” update…  

First, we picked up a new rain tray from Mk1Engineering after a friend spotted and forwarded us a link to their Instagram post. Prompt shipment and great quality product!


We also ordered a set of 175/50R13 Nankang AS-1s, on Amazon.com of all places, to replace the 215/50s that are no longer available.



The new, more appropriate tire size will take a little getting used to and we will need to crank the front suspension down a bit to better match the new tire size. In preparation to finally lower the rear end we found and ordered Monroe (MA785 Max-Air) air shocks, also from Amazon…


… And picked up a “King Pin axle flip kit” from CaddyPan.com. (Also prompt on shipment, thank you!)


Before moving forward with the installation of the new rear suspension and e-brake parts we really wanted to get that fuel filler neck pulled and inspected, assuming it had rusted through and was the cause of the fuel smell we experienced when driving the caddy. While reviewing a topic online that discusses this common issue we came across a post about a vent line behind the fuel filler door that usually comes loose, venting gas fumes into the cabin. We pulled the fuel door and sure enough, that vent line was disconnected from the fuel filler neck. Once connected and after a quick trip to and from the gas station to fill up we are happy to report there is no more fuel smell coming into the cabin! We’re going to diagnose the cause of a low oil pressure warning next and finally lower the rear end. Will update here again when that happens.

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