In the last entry featuring our VW Golf 1.8T project we mentioned a trip to see our good friend Hans as he had parts painted and ready to have installed. We were back at his shop the following weekend to tackle the bumper swap.



Having test-fitted the parts prior to paint, the install post-paint was a breeze. Of course, having OEM parts makes installation that much better, ensuring a proper fit.


Without thinking about it, Hans painted the inside “windows” of the VW emblem when he painted the grille and when he showed it to us we actually preferred the color-match over what would otherwise be black plastic.  We are very pleased with the “surprise” result.



The rare European R-line rear bumper fit like a glove. Of course, we would expect nothing less from an OEM part.


After almost 10-years of waiting while we saved up and collected the necessary pieces to begin the OEM+ exterior makeover we are almost done!


If you’re following us on Instagram you may recall we recently prepped a few more parts which we left for Hans to color-match for us. Those and a new suspension we sourced a while back will be the next phase of our VW Golf update. Expect details of that right here on Spina² so stay tuned!

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