VW Caddy Project Pt.2
VW Caddy Project Pt.2

VW Caddy Project Pt.2

In Pt.1 of our VW Caddy project we left off with the 2.0L (ABA) engine being mated to the 5-speed (020) transmission. Up next was dropping the new, used motor and transmission into the truck. A busy schedule in the shop meant scheduling lift time would be delayed and a week of rain meant no progress while the truck sat outside. It was another welcomed break, allowing us the opportunity to step back and assess where we were and where to go next.

The stars aligned three days ago and we were finally able to roll the truck into the shop and throw it up on the lift. The caddy was ready for it’s heart transplant.

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Once everything was bolted in, we rolled it back outside and heard a noise we shouldn’t have. Something in the transmission isn’t right so it’s going to have to come back out. Not a huge deal, but a set-back nonetheless. We’re not quite sure where that leaves us just yet with this transmission but we can get other things done with the motor still in the truck while we figure out the plan. Part of the exhaust was also installed. Next up should be installing the engine wiring harness and getting power to the motor.

More updates soon-ish! =P

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