A little drop of black here, a tiny bit of yellow there… Mix. Spray. Compare. Repeat. 


Matching fresh paint to an older car is no easy task! We spent some time in the body shop with our friend Hans a couple of weeks ago so he could mix some paint and get the color just right for one of the Spina² projects. Talk about gaining an all new respect for the auto body and paint industry! With at least 4 known paint “variances” and the age of the paint on our car it’s not just a matter of looking up the paint code and going to town.


After shooting several samples we have a match we are happy with and are moving forward. If you’ve been following along with us you may already have an idea which “project” this paint is for. It’s a big step in a long, ongoing journey and we are anxious to see it through to the next step. It’s too soon to let the cat out of the bag completely so you’ll just have to check back for updates. ;)

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