Are you following our Instagram or Facebook updates? If not, you’re missing out! Those of you who do are probably aware that we have been given an incredibly amazing and rare opportunity to watch an artist create a masterpiece! Akira Nakai of Chiba – suburb of Tokyo, Japan and founder of Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) is here in Seattle to build the first RWB Porsche of the Emerald City! He is the legend and creator behind those ridiculously wide-bodied Porsche 911s whose owners are daring enough to cut up a perfectly good 930, 964, or 993 body and take it to extreme levels – the Porsche purist’s nightmare. We’ve spent the last two days with a privileged few breathing in Winston cigarette smoke and fiberglass, staring in awe as Nakai-san has been transforming Christian’s 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 into what will arguably be one of the most popular if not most talked about 911s in the State for a long time. We will soon share with you our experience in the way of photos we’ve captured through the process but only after the featured photographer, David Sully of SullyLife, debuts “Meguri Ai” to the world in color! Stay tuned!!

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