WaterWerks On The Green With Achtuning
WaterWerks On The Green With Achtuning

WaterWerks On The Green With Achtuning

Achtuning was invited to open up their shop on the grassy fields of Mountain Meadows Farm at the base of Mount Si, the venue for the second annual WaterWerks On The Green event. With our freshly installed (literally the night before) StopTech big brake kit on our VW CC we joined the Achtuning line-up on display.


4220 We were graced with the presence of a black-on-black, APR “Stage 3” tuned (supercharged) Audi RS4 producing about 538 horsepower and 475 ft-lbs. of torque and equipped with StopTech’s Trophy big brakes both front and rear. The RS4 and our CC flanked the APR Stage 2+ Achtuning Audi A3, which by the way is still in need of a good home! Joining Achtuning with their displays were H&R and University Volkswagen who brought out a new Audi S4 and a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI. The JSW was outfitted with H&R coil-overs and a factory Votex kit only nights before the show while they debuted Achtuning’s latest wheel, the Hartmann HLP-410s.

The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky… And it was HOT! Had it not been for the constant swarming (and biting!) of deer flies all day long, it would have been a perfect day. The majority of our time was spent hiding from the sun under the protection of the Achtuning tent if not in the car with the A/C turned on. The deer flies were relentless so we had to retreat “indoors” more than we wanted to, hence a very small selection of pictures to show off from the event…



… At least we were still able to get our obligatory “Mount Si background” shot of the CC, H&R flag and all! :D We’re looking forward to seeing what the 2014 event will bring, minus those damned deer flies!


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