2013 Leavenworth Drive
2013 Leavenworth Drive

2013 Leavenworth Drive

When the vehicle count exceeds one-thousand, you undoubtedly have yourself an amazing turn-out. When you’re able to do so year after year, you have yourself a very successful event. Such is the case for the Leavenworth Drive organizers who saw well over 1000 cars roll in to the Bellevue Community College parking lot the last few years, the starting point for the drive. The impact to Seattle Children’s Hospital, the event’s ‘spotlight charity’, must be tremendous with a minimum $10 donation at the gate. The Leavenworth Drive organizers continue to bring Euro car owners out from hiding for what is arguably the most popular event in the Pacific Northwest. Between the “forum regulars” and the “newbies” it’s fun to see what everyone brings out and the changes they make to set their cars apart from the rest. And unlike your average car show, you also get to see and hear these cars in action! We walked around the BCC parking lot just long enough to take pictures of what caught our eye before making our way to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA.


       3897  3942  3944  3945  3946
       3950  3948  3949  3951  3957

More of that last one, a BMW (E9) 3.0L CSL… a rare sight!


                  3955        3958

Not long after snapping those, we were on our way. We had skipped the pit-stop at the top of Stevens Pass en route to Leavenworth last year but ended up stopping to snap a few more pictures this year. H&R was on site handing out goodie bags and showing off their latest project cars, including the Volkswagen Golf R project sitting on its newest set of shoes, 3-piece Rotiform SNAs. (Kinda prefer the 19″ BBS Super RS wheels it previously rocked but you gotta change things up, right?)

        3966  3967b  3960  3962  3961

Heading back towards the car we spotted Richard Meyer’s Audi (B6) S4 which sits on the new 19″ Fuchs reps from Achtuning, Hartmann HP-310 wheels. They are a nice compliment to the Porsche calipers and a great fit under the car.

             3969     3971

There was one particular car we wanted to see and after having lunch in Leavenworth we set out on a walk in search of it. Thanks to the Northwest European crew who had arranged VIP parking in Leavenworth for the first time this year, it wasn’t too hard to find. Our friend Blake Siebe from Northwest Auto Salon had recently debuted one of his latest projects, the “BCZRCCR” Porsche 911. With a paint and vinyl theme matching his immaculate 1980 Plymouth Arrow, this wide-body 930 looks the part and happens to sit on a set of re-painted Rotiform BTH wheels, the very set that was once found under the first stateside-built RWB Porsche – Pandora One! We caught a few sneak peaks while Blake was building the project but never got to see it’s completion until now. Well done, sir!



We walked around a bit more, taking pictures of more cars as they rolled into town before heading back home ourselves. Check out the rest of our pics below or head over to the full gallery here. Until next year!!


      4004          3998          4000

      3997          3986          3989

      3979          3980          4012

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