2013 Old School Reunion
2013 Old School Reunion

2013 Old School Reunion

It was ridiculously clean. Like, brand new. Deep-dish watanabes under some bolt-on fender flares and the familiar TRD hatch spoiler… Wait, right-hand drive? The “Y” plate is familiar though it’s supposed to be an 沖縄 (Okinawa) plate. Where were we again? Nostalgia sets in and I’m standing in my high school parking lot, lusting after my sendpai’s hachiroku. Thinking of ways to get one of my own I promise this is what it will look like. Wrapping one around a telephone pole within the first two weeks of ownership isn’t a very good start… One of my earlier promises never fulfilled.


      3662          3663          3667

Another fantastic example, though it’s owner thinks the modified version above is “better” but that’s purely subjective as some go for the “less-is-more” look. The car was a refreshing sight. And how many RHD Levins are out here?!

          3642     3644

We’ve returned to the Old Country Village in Bothell for our 2nd Old School Reunion experience. (Click here if you missed our first.) Attendance is strong and we come across cars we recognize from an earlier time in our lives. Their owners will either keep them as original as possible while others with strive to modify and personalize with period-correct parts and accessories. Then there are the “hybrids” where newer trends of today are mixed in with automotive examples of the past. One way or another, enthusiasts will continue to keep the old school alive and we have an appreciation for… most of it. Any of these spark any memories for you?

3704 3671 3751 3704 3689 3680 3674 3627 3687 3691 3693 3633 0042 0021 0015 0039 0048 0054 3629 3645 3648 3624 0025 0023

You can find the entire set here.

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