CC What We Did Back There?
CC What We Did Back There?

CC What We Did Back There?


In a previous post we mentioned demoing the Runz FS1 head-unit in our Volkswagen CC. A few more goodies have been brought over from Korea for us to demo including this (non-OEM) back-up camera. No images or video from us yet of the back-up display on the HU but it’s very satisfactory, both night and day. CC owners would appreciate the benefit of having a back-up camera. There’s a small price to pay for the CC’s beautiful and sleek design – blind spots.


That’s not all that was done back there though…

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2969  2974

A “remote trunk” feature has been installed that allows us to open and close the trunk with a simple press of a button. Three, to be exact: The trunk release buttons on the key FOB and driver’s door along with a 3rd new one added to the trunk liner (for closing – you still open the trunk with a flip of the trunk badge). Below is a video hosted on YouTube showing off how it all works:

We were honestly apprehensive about having the feature added to begin with. After all, opening and closing a trunk isn’t a difficult task. But there’s no denying the added cool factor in having the remote trunk feature! Keeping hand prints off the paint is an added bonus. It’s been a big hit in the Korean market and we are grateful to have the opportunity to test it here for the US market. No word on pricing or distribution but that’s something we’re working out. Stay tuned!

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