We Say Goodbye To A Great Project
We Say Goodbye To A Great Project

We Say Goodbye To A Great Project

 … That isn’t even our own! Nonetheless, we had an opportunity to care for it as if it were ours a couple of years back so it’s going to be tough to see it go.  The Achtuning A3 Project at the time had the APR “S3 Conversion” with K04 turbo, front mount inter-cooler, high pressure fuel pump, Carbonio cold air intake, and APR “stealth” turbo-back exhaust.  It sat on an H&R “Premium” coil-over kit over 225/35 Falken FK452s wrapped around 19″ Hartmann Forged Split-7 Wheels and a StopTech 355mm ST40 big brake kit exposed through the polished spokes.  A Stern Subframe ReBar helped keep things nice and sturdy out back, allowing the front-wheel-drive torque monster to keep all 4 wheels properly balanced on the road around the twisties – a complete blast to drive.  The Achtuning A3 served as a marketing tool for the shop and gained a good deal of attention considering how mild a build it was.  It’s just an all around great package.  We weren’t really big fans of red on a car either until this A3 came into our lives.

The owner, Bill Spencer of Achtuning, has since tracked the car then eventually stripped it of it’s engine in late 2009 for the purpose of installing APR’s “Stage 4” (specific details yet to be released – but basically a port and polished head, upgraded internals, and bigger turbo) engine, but the arrival of the Achtuning Golf R meant it would make more sense to put the 500-ish hp set-up into something that can put all that power to the ground using all 4 wheels. Therefore the “Stage 4” now resides in the Achtuning Golf R (more on that later) leaving Achtuning with a low-mileage BPY 2.0T engine to throw into the A3. There are some added benefits of running the BPY engine over the A3’s original CDL 2.0T engine and they are:

– Lower compression (9.8:1) forged pistons. BPY is 10.5:1.
– strengthened connecting rods
– enlarged wrist pins
– stronger piston rings
– upgraded bearings
– reinforced engine block
– upgraded camshafts (longer duration)
– upgraded injectors (+13% flow)

The A3 is still running APR’s inter-cooler, Carbonio intake, and high pressure fuel pump along with the full APR 3″ turbo-back exhaust. The software on the ECU is still the “Edition30/K04” file ran in the A3 before the engine swap with no hiccups.  We were just happy to see it back on the road! But now Bill says it’s time to let it go, as even BIGGER plans for the business are in the works and he’s already got too many toys sitting around the shop.


The “For Sale” ad isn’t up yet, but we’re sure it won’t be long before a lucky Audi enthusiast will snatch this up as soon as it’s listed and take it away for good. It’s too bad the lack of an unlimited budget prevents us from keeping this thing “in the family” and adding it to the Spina² stable. Wanna buy it?

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