Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope your Holiday weekend was exactly what you expected, if not more! Really can’t say the 2011 Holiday Season was one for the history books in the Spina² household as it was a fairly mellow Christmas weekend, and that’s a good thing! Some out-of-state family members were in town so we enjoyed good company and we are very thankful for the many Seasons Greetings received from both family and friends everywhere!! We are truly blessed.

We are excited to announce the debut of our first Spina² calendar! Some of you reading might recognize them since we sent them to you as Christmas gifts and we are very proud and happy to hear your positive feedback. Careful consideration was made to select the few images to spread throughout the 12-month calendar from the thousands we took throughout the year. If anyone else is interested in one, please do not hesitate to contact us for details!

Christmas Day was a typical gathering with family for a traditional meal. However, on the way to dinner we came across a bit of excitement. Wind gusts had started earlier in the day and by mid-afternoon the Puget Sound was being pounded by high speed wind gusts. Lights flickered as we were getting ready but we fortunately did not lose power. The same could not be said for select residents of Burien, WA as we had to detour around downed trees and utility poles to get to family dinner. Fortunately no injuries resulted from this particular mess but an unfortunate day for some members of that community – Christmas Day and no power?!

Since the camera was already out, we decided to meander to the nearby water front to capture a few more images before dinner with family.

Despite the blustery weather, fortunately power was not lost out there and we were able to have a rather enjoyable evening.

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