Seattle Auto Show 2012

The 2012 Seattle Auto Show is taking place in the Century Link (still getting used to the name switch from “Qwest”) Field Event Center, and two very good friends chose to take us as their guests to check out what the auto manufacturers are offering from their 2012 line-up.  With about two hours to roam the floor before closing, the crowds were thin which allowed us to get up close and personal with some of our favorite rides at the show without too many obstructions. Lighting conditions made certain shots a bit challenging without the use of a flash or tripod, so some of these shots were tough to get! Overall, we’re happy with the results and we hope you enjoy them. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments!

Of course, our favorite stop was the VAG corner, featuring the current best of Audi and Volkswagen, minus the Audi TT RS and Volkswagen Golf R. That was a bit of a let down but we suspect those debuts are on hold for the upcoming LA Auto Show. We’ll see…

Early release images of the face-lifted Volkswagen CC were debuted online earlier this week featuring a front fascia that mimics the new Passat. While we were first skeptical about the new look as current CC owners and fans, seeing the front end of the new Passat above opened our minds a bit more to the new look. Add the LED tails to the new CC and it becomes a true contender as the next VW in the Spina² garage. And what about the new design of Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle? Admittedly we’ve never been a New Beetle fan (at least, we’d never own one) but the design of the current slug bug is really something and makes quite an impression! (Still wouldn’t own one though.)

The exotics are always a pleasure to see. Lamborghini’s Aventador LP700-4 is menacing with its flat black paint and stealth fighter like lines, Aston Martin’s gorgeous coupes and the new 4-door Rapide are just jaw-dropping and soft on the eyes. Yet even some of the other makes like Cadillac and, dare we say it, Hyundai caught our attention with eye catching body lines and features like those found on the sporty CTS-V Coupe and luxurious Equus. We’re all about Euros but it’s tough to deny that these other makes distract enough to give us more of an open mind about what’s out there. You’ll see what we’re talking about below. When you’re done there, check out the rest of the 2012 SAS collection in the Spina² gallery on Flickr.

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