Cinemagraphs are fairly new, and it was just recently that this style of photography caught our attention. With the latest addition to our “arsenal” of camera gear (Nikon D5100), we were excited to start creating our own examples! We’d like to credit Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg for coining the term and sharing this cool form of animated photography recently. The popularity of cinemagraphs is sure to grow so we will be sure to continue practicing and hopefully improve on our image quality. What do you think? Stay tuned for more examples in the very near future!

2 thoughts on “Cinemagraphs

  1. Thanks for showing me this Cinemagraph stuff – simply amazing! Can we do cinemagraph banners on our blogs? I have an excellent idea for a banner/header for my blog, but don’t know if wordpress allows this?

    Awesome stuff, I look forward to seeing the new cinemagraphs you come up with!

  2. Hello and thank you! They really are fun to make and it’s extremely satisfying seeing the looks on the faces of those who have never seen anything like it. We have used .gif files in the past for our header images so I imagine you would have no problem using a cinemagraph as your header.

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