There’s nothing like a good, home improvement project to make you feel like a true home owner. We’ve lived in our North Seattle town house (a wedding present to ourselves) for just a hair short of two complete years and we’ve loved every moment of it! Every now and then we still feel that sense of excitement when we come home, knowing it’s OUR (first) home, and that appreciation returns when you take on projects to make your brand new home even better.

We’ve just added a new fence to create a physical barrier between our property and the green belt behind us.  It was a fun project despite not having any previous experience with wood working, with the exception of Shop class in high school.  Following some basic DIYs found online and talking to a few good friends with experience made the project a fairly simple one.  While at first it would seem the back yard would feel smaller with the enclosure, the fence actually makes the back yard seem more “complete” and not at all confined. The drastic change from before and after is one we are very happy with and we cannot wait to begin landscaping and make good use of our new back yard!

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