U2 360° in Seattle
U2 360° in Seattle

U2 360° in Seattle

A message from an old friend on Facebook read, “Do you know anyone who is looking for a U2 GA (general admission) ticket? Or would want to go?” This was the day before U2 was bringing their 360° Tour to Seattle – a year after they were originally scheduled to perform but delayed due to a back injury Bono had sustained on their 3rd leg of the tour that started in 2009. Having already heard how incredible their live shows are, and listening to them growing up thanks to my big brother, it was an opportunity I would not pass up! (Especially knowing my brother would haunt me for life if he knew I didn’t go see them in my own, current home town.)

Jamie and I picked up a Sony Cybershot WX9 that morning for me to bring to the show as I didn’t want to take a large-bodied camera with me while rubbing elbows and shoulders with the many die-hard U2 fans I would be surrounded by. These GA tickets were going to get us CLOSE so compact was a necessity! With no time to read the directions and only a half a battery charge, I was hoping for the best. This little thing did NOT disappoint! Neither did the show…

The first pictures taken with the Cybershot were of a chance Bono sighting just outside the parking garage on my way to stand in the GA line on the opposite side of the stadium. Instinct told me just what to expect when I was to round the corner when I saw a small crowd had gathered so I had the camera ready.

The GA line consisted of the first 2500 people who would be allowed within the “inner circle” of the 360-degree stage, hence the tour name. In the middle of it all was “The Claw”, a 4-legged steel structure featuring lighting, sound, and support for the cylindrical, expanding video screen that hovers above the stage and offers a 360-degree video view and lighting effects.

The show began with Lenny Kravitz opening for U2. This would be my one opportunity to really get to know the Cybershot and I was very impressed that there wasn’t really much to “get”. I forget that these are designed so you can turn them on, point, and shoot!

Not long after Lenny’s set, excitement filled the stadium like electricity fills a room before lightning strikes. Larry, Adam, Bono, and The Edge walked out onto the stage and performed what I experienced as the absolute best live show by any entertainer I had ever seen – it was EPIC!

The hovering video screen is my only view of the band as they walk in. Standing ovation all around…

And then the music began…

I was definitely impressed with the capability of our new Sony Cybershot WX9 and would highly recommend it to anyone shopping around for a good quality point and shoot. Its features are very easy to use and the results are fantastic! I would not have expected to be able to keep such great quality memories via images of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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