2010 NW Toy Run

The message was simple. Bring a toy or $5 and drive to Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. Word was spread through the major automotive message boards in the region that a gathering was taking place to benefit Toys For Tots. It’s an annual meet yet we had not attended in years past. When we read last year’s turn-out included well over 900 cars not limiting any make or model we figured this year’s event would be one of epic proportions. We figured right! Their mission was accomplished: Over 1200 cars, $3100, and a 27′ trailer full of toys…

The Holidays are a traditional reminder to give back and it was great to see everyone come together for such a good cause. It was a cold yet beautiful PacNW day and we had a great time enjoying the wide range of car makes, current trends, and modding styles. Check out some of the things we caught behind the lens and click on any of the images to direct you to the rest of our set!

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