As The Leaves Fall

It’s Fall in the Pacific Northwest and the backdrops are set for some real colorful photography!  This was an impromptu shot taken just after sunset on a beautiful, crisp Sunday evening.

Twin, center-exit exhaust tips are usually an indication the VW Golf you’re looking at is the 6-cylinder, naturally-aspirated R32. Then you’re scratching your head because you realize the Golf R32 is not available in North America with 4-doors, nor was black on the menu for the 5000 units sent here from Germany.

You’d have to admit the exhaust set-up and rear valence on the R32 is a good look, so it’s no surprise Rebecca decided to replace her rear-ended bumper on her 2.0T GTI with one from the limited-edition R32 – way to make good out of a horrible situation! Eurojet Racing’s R32 cat-back exhaust completes the look, and sounds fantastic. Admittedly it’s not the beautiful note we expect from the R32, but a great sound like many quality 2.0T exhaust systems we hear on the market.

The car received these 19″ Rotiform MIA Wheels earlier this year and they sit perfectly under those arches using just a spring kit. We’re not quite sure what’s in store next but based on what she’s done so far, there’s no doubt Rebecca’s GTI will continue to turn heads.

Oh, by the way, if you ever run into her and notice the sticker on the rear window, be sure to ask her just how much she tea-bags (<3’s) her moderator! =P

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