In V10 Form

The FSI (“Fuel Stratified Injection” or direct fuel injection) 5.2L V10 found in Audi’s latest R8 super car brings with it 525hp in stock form, a hundred more than it’s preceding V8 model, and pushes the car from a stand-still to 60mph in 3.9 seconds!  Aside from the V10 badge out back, a more aggressive door blade that stands a couple inches further out compared to the V8-version allowing more air flow to cool the mid-mounted engine and dual oval exhaust tips are subtle ways to separate the V10 from the V8.

This particular R8 comes in a “Sepang Blue Pearl” color and Carbon Fiber Package which wraps many of the engine components and covers, along with door blades, side rear-view mirrors, and interior trim in carbon fiber – a stunning color combination!

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