Where to start?!?
Where to start?!?

Where to start?!?

Where to begin?  What do we do first?

Launching a website is a project we’ve been wanting to take on for a while.  The design of the site will likely change several times while we figure out exactly what look we’re after, but content is in need of being added and it’s tough to figure out just where to start.

Our equipment of choice – the Nikon D70s that we’ve owned for about 4 years now.  It is accompanied by a Tamron AF 18-250mm lens to capture the majority of our pictures thanks to its versatility and our limited budget which prevents us from being collectors of an assortment of good quality glass.  We make do…

We’ve been taking photos together for the last 6-years, mostly automotive-related since our lives revolve around the Pacific Northwest car enthusiast community, with a stronger emphasis towards European makes like Audi and Volkswagen.  We’ll have plenty of opportunity to show you more car-related stuff later since we have so much of it to share.  Since we are both in love with the beautiful Emerald City that is Seattle, we also try and spend as much time in the metropolitan downtown area and capture random parts of “life in the city” as well as venture out into some of the natural areas that make the Pacific Northwest such a beautiful place to live.  Below is a very small example of our earlier work (at least what is within immediate reach) to give you a rough idea of what we’ve captured when we first started this hobby.  It’s also an excuse for us to see how far we’ve come.




More opportunities to show you examples of our earlier work will come up in future entries.  There’s no expectation we have of adding pictures in any specific order but hopefully you’ll notice the image quality in future posts will be significantly better.  After all, we’ve been practicing!

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