Vee Dubs At LeMay

We've been looking for an excuse to check out LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA since its opening in June, 2012. Shortly after the New Year, we caught wind via social media that they were hosting the "Vee Dub: Bohemian Beauties Exhibit" featuring a collection of vintage Volkswagens. This exhibit is what pursuaded…Read more Vee Dubs At LeMay

XXX Root Beer Drive-In VW Meet

Just two decades short of being a Century old, a very popular and historic drive-in burger joint nestled in the quiet mountain-side town of Issaquah, Washington plays host as automotive stomping grounds for automotive enthusiasts of all types.  The XXX Root Beer Drive-In is a 1950's style diner staying true to its historic traditions serving up mouth watering burgers in gigantic…Read more XXX Root Beer Drive-In VW Meet