Virtual Canyon Run

We met with Bong and Brian to get some rolling shots of their RWB Porsche 911s one crisp, January morning.  (Yes, January - like we said in our last post we have much to catch you up on, and in no particular order.)  It was the first time we got to see "Cacao", RWB Seattle…Read more Virtual Canyon Run

RWB “ソナチネ” (Sonatine)

Several months ago (yes, we have much catching up to do) we took a trip North of the border to see friends gather together and reunite again in celebration of Nakai-san's return to Canada to build RWB Vancouver #10, “ソナチネ” (Sonatine). Since then we've made a second trip back to Vancouver for our first "dual…Read more RWB “ソナチネ” (Sonatine)

“Cacao” – RWB Seattle #4

The air that Saturday morning was chilly and a light drizzle fell from the sky, the typical weather pattern for a November day in Seattle.  This time it wasn't the typical Seattle routine. We were meeting up with Bong and Darlene and following along as they took RWB "Yujiro" on a short road trip around…Read more “Cacao” – RWB Seattle #4

“裕次郎” (Yujiro) – RWB Seattle #3

We met Bong at Christian's house a year ago, the day we were being introduced to Seattle's 2nd RWB. Bong had spontaneously bid on a 1989 Porsche Carrera 4 in Guards Red on eBay that day and won himself a new car! Soon after that he had his 964 shipped to Seattle from Ohio and…Read more “裕次郎” (Yujiro) – RWB Seattle #3

“天下御免” (Tenkagomen) – Seattle’s 2nd RWB

With "phase 1" of our VW Caddy project complete it was time to put our new work truck to good use.  The first opportunity came when a wide set of fifteen52 wheels needed to be hauled from Achtuning to our friend Christian for his second RWB Seattle build. With the massive 17x13 wheels covered and…Read more “天下御免” (Tenkagomen) – Seattle’s 2nd RWB

#MadeInTheRain's Forum Fest 2014 event went down as one of the wettest events we had attended in years. Weather reports had hinted rain but participants of the sold out event were certainly not prepared for the waves of torrential down pour that flooded the party at Pacific Raceways.  It was our first Forum Fest and…Read more #MadeInTheRain

“めぐり 逢い” (Meguri-Ai), A Chance Encounter

It's difficult to put into words the feeling as you lay eyes on parts that will one day be shaped by a man whose work you've followed and admired for years. I get the chills and it's not from the cold, late October air. I am dropping off brake and suspension upgrades sourced through Achtuning…Read more “めぐり 逢い” (Meguri-Ai), A Chance Encounter