“Reservoir Dog” – RWB Portland #3

We received an invitation from our friends at 503 Motoring to come down to Portland for the weekend. They were hosting their second RWB build for their good friend and client Joe DeCarlo who was having his 993 Porsche 911 converted by the now world-renowned Akira Nakai of Rauh Welt Begriff into another one of…Read more “Reservoir Dog” – RWB Portland #3

“めぐり 逢い II” (Meguri-Ai 2) – RWB Sacramento #1

A group of us flew down to Sacramento last Spring to visit our good friend Newton when it was his turn to have his Guards Red 993 Porsche 911 receive the wide body treatment by the now World renowned Akira Nakai of Rauh Welt Begriff. We first met Newton in Seattle at Christian's second RWB…Read more “めぐり 逢い II” (Meguri-Ai 2) – RWB Sacramento #1