“Cacao” – RWB Seattle #4

The air that Saturday morning was chilly and a light drizzle fell from the sky, the typical weather pattern for a November day in Seattle.  This time it wasn't the typical Seattle routine. We were meeting up with Bong and Darlene and following along as they took RWB "Yujiro" on a short road trip around…Read more “Cacao” – RWB Seattle #4

WaterWerks On The Green 2014

After spending an entire day at a car show, getting wet no less, the last thing we wanted to do was attend another car show the very next day... But we had to. Our VW Golf 1.8T would be parked in the Achtuning booth as part of their "Generations" display featuring examples of Volkswagen's 4th,…Read more WaterWerks On The Green 2014