E30 Roller: Take Two

We caught up with our friends Rhett and Lindsay for a "take two" attempt at getting rolling shots of their 1990 BMW E30 325is ‘vert. Our first attempt was an impromptu roller taken after concluding that engagement photo session of the two we briefly mentioned last October. (Our first!) While she loved the original rolling…Read more E30 Roller: Take Two

2013 Old School Reunion

  It was ridiculously clean. Like, brand new. Deep-dish watanabes under some bolt-on fender flares and the familiar TRD hatch spoiler... Wait, right-hand drive? The "Y" plate is familiar though it's supposed to be an 沖縄 (Okinawa) plate. Where were we again? Nostalgia sets in and I'm standing in my high school parking lot, lusting…Read more 2013 Old School Reunion