Aston Martin DB3S/118

In the early 1950s Aston Martin replaced their DB3 race car with the DB3S, a lighter more powerful version that they hoped would get them around the track a bit faster and earn them some trophies. They succeeded with the DB3S! In addition to 11 "works" cars Aston Martin built to race, 20 cars were…Read more Aston Martin DB3S/118

Bugatti Day with Exotics@RTC

When you hear the name "Bugatti", it's safe to assume most would think of the Veyron. Volkswagen revived the brand with the release of the first production Veyron in 2005 and since then, the marque continues to set the pace for exotic car manufacturers whose sole purpose is to create the fastest road cars on…Read more Bugatti Day with Exotics@RTC