Virtual Canyon Run

We met with Bong and Brian to get some rolling shots of their RWB Porsche 911s one crisp, January morning.  (Yes, January - like we said in our last post we have much to catch you up on, and in no particular order.)  It was the first time we got to see "Cacao", RWB Seattle…Read more Virtual Canyon Run

Vee Dubs At LeMay

We've been looking for an excuse to check out LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA since its opening in June, 2012. Shortly after the New Year, we caught wind via social media that they were hosting the "Vee Dub: Bohemian Beauties Exhibit" featuring a collection of vintage Volkswagens. This exhibit is what pursuaded…Read more Vee Dubs At LeMay

XXX Root Beer Drive-In VW Meet

Just two decades short of being a Century old, a very popular and historic drive-in burger joint nestled in the quiet mountain-side town of Issaquah, Washington plays host as automotive stomping grounds for automotive enthusiasts of all types.  The XXX Root Beer Drive-In is a 1950's style diner staying true to its historic traditions serving up mouth watering burgers in gigantic…Read more XXX Root Beer Drive-In VW Meet