Next weekend we embark on another trip to Portland to visit Tim and 503 Motoring to attend our second RWB Portland event. But before that we should probably post about our last trip to Portland about a year ago when we were invited to watch the transformation of Tim’s own 993 911 Targa.  We’re a little over due.

Tim went with one of our favorite shades of white from Audi’s color pallet – Suzuka Grey.


These smiles are a good representation of our over all mood that weekend.  From the good selection of music, great company, and an awesome venue we are grateful to Tim and the RWB family for the invitation.


The PNW based squad of Champion-winged RWBs on deck included めぐり逢い” (Meguri-Ai) – RWB Seattle #1, 裕次郎” (Yujiro) – RWB Seattle #3, and 甲斐姫” (Kaihime) – RWB Vancouver #11.


They served as a backdrop for the build while Spectre, Portland’s 1st RWB greeted guests at the front door.



Familiar props to make the boss feel at home no matter where he goes with a personal touch unique to the build.


Tim’s choice of rollers, a set of Vossen Forged ERA-3 Wheels measuring 18×10.5 up front and 18×13 out back.


Nakai-san taking care of unfinished business with Kaihime.


The color, the wheels, that glass top… This one is easily one of our favorites.  This was about as complete as we saw it that weekend but Tim came up to see us in Seattle a few weeks later and we were able to get some rollers (a rare opportunity for us) on our way back from an RTC Exotics Porsche Day.  Yeah, we’ll save that topic for yet another blog post but for now here’s a little teaser…


We are anxious to see “侍” (Samurai) again and reunite with Tim and the RWB family this weekend for Portland’s 3rd!

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