We were excited to learn we would be joining friends North of the border again to welcome RWB’s Nakai-san back to the Pacific Northwest.  When we found he would be coming to convert not one, but two 911s the level of excitement couldn’t be contained.  With build times being shortened due to modified kits that are saving him time on installation we’ve seen (via social media) Nakai-san crank out a couple at a time before but to be have the chance to witness it for ourselves…  Could our existence as borderline RWB “groupies” get any better?  The work schedule prevented us from being there at the start of Milk’s build during the week but by weekend we were just in time to catch the final stages of his and the beginning of Pauline’s.


These were two very different looks with Milk going the back date route and Pauline taking the traditional motor sport look.




With so much more of our time spent socializing with our new RWB friends we didn’t take as many photos as we should have of the cars and our short weekend visit did not allow us a chance to snap photos of these two complete.  However a future post will show that we were able to catch up with Pauline and “甲斐姫” (Kaihime), RWB Vancouver #11 yet we still need to pay Milk another short visit to see “優しい雨” (Yasashii Ame), RWB Vancouver #12 and check out his renovated shop in Richmond – Speed Projects Laboratory.  That visit alone would be worth its own post.  We look forward to such an opportunity.




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