Several months ago (yes, we have much catching up to do) we took a trip North of the border to see friends gather together and reunite again in celebration of Nakai-san’s return to Canada to build RWB Vancouver #10, “ソナチネ” (Sonatine). Since then we’ve made a second trip back to Vancouver for our first “dual RWB build” experience but we will save that story for another catch-up entry.


The gangster-looking 993 cabriolet in this story with its exaggerated hips and insanely wide bronze wheels gets its name from an early 90’s crime film featuring the famous Japanese actor Beat Takeshi. We arrive on set at Flat Six Classics for our weekend feature starring “the Boss,” Akira Nakai.


The entourage gathers outside for the main event.


7359 v2

Inside, a production fueled by passion brings like-minded individuals together to watch in awe as the Japanese master of fender cutting redefines the iconic lines and details that shape the Porsche 911.









With most of these weekend builds ending late into Sunday night, we don’t often get to see the final result until much later and this trip was no different. A few of us had to cut out early to get home in preparation for the next work week. We rolled home with Bong and “裕次郎” (Yujiro) – RWB Seattle #3 and Brian, the owner of “Cacao” – RWB Seattle #4 in “Harley”, his daily driven Baltic Blue 964. The spirited drive home with these two will be one we won’t soon forget.


We are grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of the RWB Canada #10 build experience and did get to see “ソナチネ” (Sonatine) in completed form when we returned to Vancouver. As mentioned earlier we’ll catch you up with that story in another post.

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